Discussion- Early Childhood funding

Throughout this course, many opportunities are available to post an initial response to a Discussion topic as well as to respond to your classmates’ responses. After you have completed the reading, and without reviewing your classmates’ responses, post your initial response to the following Discussion. Your post should be at least 200–250 words in length and should extend the discussion of the group supported by your course materials and/or other appropriate resources. After you have submitted your initial post, review some of your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two of your classmates. Refer to your Discussion Board Rubric in your Syllabus for specific grading explanation.

The Foundation Proposal

Many foundation-funding opportunities can be taken advantage of by local, state, and national levels of early childhood organizations. Foundation funding offers hundreds of billions of dollars for worthy programs and many early childhood organizations have been very successful in seeking funding, but a successful proposal requires careful planning and dedicated writers. (Bergman, 2010) To get started, you need to know how to find foundation funding sources. Once you find sources that may be interested in your need, you need to begin developing relationships with them. With this in mind, please answer all parts of the discussion based on the needs of your selected early childhood program.

Part 1: Finding Foundation Funding Sources

Foundation grants “offer the most opportunity for innovation and creative solutions, followed by government grants. Both are solid sources of revenue and require written proposals” (Bergman, 2010, p. 49). You can search foundation directories at your local library or directly through the Internet. Most funding agencies include information on funding opportunities on their web sites. For Part 1 of this Discussion, you will conduct a search of foundation funding agencies (see page 50 of the Bergman textbook for a list of search options). As you conduct your search, select one funding source and provide all of the following information about it:

  • Contact Information: name of funding source, contact person, address, phone, web address, and trustees
  • Is this a good match to your organization? (interest areas, geographical restrictions, types of support, total funds paid for reporting period, average amount awarded/ typical amount awarded)
  • Application Information: describe the guidelines or forms required, letter/proposal needed, deadlines, and trustees meeting dates

Part 2: Building Relationships with Them

After researching and finding a funding source that matches your early childhood organization’s need and the foundation’s interests, it is important to reach out and build relationships with them. For Part 2 of this Discussion, describe the strategies you would use to build a relationship of trust, credibility, and interest with the funding source you identified in Part 1 of this Discussion.


Bergman, R. (2010). Not just small change: Fund development for early childhood programs. Redmond, WA: Exchange Press.


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