Do legally mandated cameras violate people’s privacy?

The word count for this essay, excluding the mandatory annotated bibliography, should be between 900 and 1000. Double spacing is required for the essay. It ought to be written using the Rogerian Argument as a foundation.

First, pick a topic that interests you and contains at least two opposing viewpoints (do not use the same topic as your Toulmin essay). Then, you must conduct further research to define the topic’s breadth so that it may be easily covered in a 1000-word essay.

Note: Keep in mind that your audience consists of professionals who are unfamiliar with your subject matter.

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You should avoid using the following overused subjects in your essay:

Gun control, abortion, the death penalty, gay marriage, gays in the military, mandatory drug testing, euthanasia, childhood obesity, women in the military, diets (such as the Paleo diet), workout routines (such as CrossFit), underage drinking, paying college athletes, risks of smoking (including e-cigarettes and synthetic marijuana), and the legalization of marijuana are all issues that need to be addressed.

There must be a minimum of five sources included in this essay. Three of the sources should be peer-reviewed, ideally from the APUS databases. Click on Advanced Search at the bottom of the page from the library’s home page, and then select the “peer reviewed” sources box filter.

Ensure that the following sections are included in your essay:

Background, a claim in the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

Make sure to include the following in your essay’s body in any order:

Background information on your topic of choice, the opposition (use an academic tone and avoid bias), scholarly research, your claim (use an academic tone and avoid bias), and discussion of the justifications for both the opposition and your claim in order to find common ground and demonstration of common ground between your claim and the opposition’s claim.

Please be sure to edit your essay after you have finished writing it. Last but not least, proofread your essay to ensure that language, formatting, and minor technical issues are correct. Please be sure to write in the third person in your essay.

The Bibliography was annotated.

Your Rogerian essay must be accompanied by an annotated bibliography (AB). List each reference in your essay’s Works Cited page according to the MLA manual. Write two or three grammatically sound phrases that concisely summarize each source. These quick summaries are referred to as “annotations.”

Here is an illustration of an “annotated bibliography.”

Bibliography with annotations (Centered)

Irene L. Clark, “The Genre of Argument.” Harcourt Brace, 1998. Print. Fort Worth.

The main steps to creating a thorough and well-written argumentative essay are outlined in Clark’s textbook. Professional essays are used as examples throughout the curriculum.

Logic in the Research Paper by Russ Ward. Harcourt Brace, 1997. Print. Fort Worth.



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