Do the other versions of this story contain violence that could be more harmful than good psychologically?

Essay One Assignment is a Compare and Contrast Essay, which requires you to point out and discuss similarities and differences in the three versions of Sleeping Beauty. You will write a 3-page minimum essay in current APA formatting style. This should be in Times New Roman 12pt font, double spaced, with one inch margins. You are not required to use any other sources for this essay, but if you do it must be in current APA format.
Choose ONE of the following prompts to guide you through the outline, proposal, and publishing your essay, or you may choose to develop your own argument. It must be relevant, clear, and organized as a Compare and Contrast essay. The following are some suggestions about how you might approach the question, or thesis, for your essay. (Remember: this does not mean that you begin your discussion with a question)
When reading the original or older versions of Fairy Tales, it is not just simply a matter of whether or not the original tales were written for children’s entertainment or education. As seen in the Disney versions of Fairy Tales, many versions of original Fairy Tales have been changed and adapted for children. What is the significance of the changes in the different versions of Sleeping Beauty as they relate to the psychological development of children? Are they written, read, and performed simply as entertainment? Compare and contrast points that are different and how these differences relate to the psychological connections made to the audiences.
The original Bisile version of Sleeping Beauty, titled, Sun, and Moon, and Talia, was not written for the entertainment or education of children, but instead for adult entertainment. The adult version contains violence, and behaviors that would be harmful to the psychological development of children; the content could even have a psychological effect on adults. Do the other versions of this story contain violence that could be more harmful than good psychologically?…

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