Do you think that the managing director’s claim is supported by the data?

1. A writer of the business traveller column of a newspaper believes that businesstravellers who flew on an Airbus’s A380 aircraft before would prefer flying on thisaircraft than on a Boeing’s B747 aircraft. To verify his claim, she asks a businessanalyst to perform a survey for her. The business analyst interviews a random sampleof 100 business travellers who have flown on both A380 and B747. 64 businesstravellers say that they prefer the A380 aircraft.(i) Test, at the 1% level of significance, whether or not the writer’s claim is correctusing the rejection region approach. You must define the parameter clearly in youranswer.(ii) Find the p-value of the hypothesis test in (i).2. A business analyst of an international airline is in charge of reviewing the existingaircraft boarding procedure and a newly introduced procedure. Over a two- weekperiod, 360 randomly selected passengers who used the existing boarding procedureand 360 randomly selected passengers who used the new boarding procedures wereasked if they were satisfied with the boarding experience. The business analyst findsthat 216 passengers were satisfied with the existing boarding procedure and 270passengers were satisfied with the new boarding procedure. The business analystclaims that the new boarding procedure is better than the existing procedure.(i) Test, at the 1% level of significance, whether or not the business analyst’s claim iscorrect. You must define the parameters clearly in your answer.(ii) Calculate the p-value for the above test.(iii) If the senior management of the airline requires that the maximum error of theestimation of the difference of the two population proportions to be 0.02 at the 95%3. In an executive MBA unit, the managing director of a courier service learnt atraining program to improve employee’s work efficiency. She modified this trainingprogram and then recruited 30 randomly selected employees to participate in thetraining program. Before joining this training program, each employee’s workefficiency was measured by a score sheet (min. 0 point, max. 100 points). Upon thecompletion of the training program, employee’s work efficiency was measured again.The managing director believed that her training program can improve employee’swork efficiency by at least 10 points.Do you think that the managing director’s claim is supported by the data? usesignificance level 0.05 .4. On average, a business statistics textbook has 1.5 typing mistakes (i.e. typos) per10 printed pages. A new business statistics textbook of 750 pages has just beenpublished.(i) Ten pages are randomly taken from this book. Find the probability that there aremore than two typos. Verify your answer using Excel.(ii) Find the probability that less than 80 typos are found in this textbook. Verify youanswer using Excel.

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