Does Hand Washing among Healthcare Workers Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections?

Does Hand Washing among Healthcare Workers Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections?

Question descriptionI need a research paper using research methods ” Does Hand Washing among Healthcare Workers Reduce Hospital Acquired infections? I have uploaded the assignment guidelines, an example of what the paper should look like and the theoretical framework that is in part of the paper. I also have the 5 primary resources that are to be included with the paper it is listed under the uploaded file as LM 2, that upload includeds the 5 primary article references for the research. I will need at least 2 more articles included in the research. Please make sure they are from “primary resources only.”Guidelines for Final Research Project Paper

Research Methods NSG330

This paper should be a summary of your work you have developed this semester: the significance of your

identified problem, a review of the published literature (your summary grid findings), a selected theoretical

framework (from discussion board posting), and conclusions that reflect synthesis and significance of all your

findings. It is NOT an itemized listing of specific studies found, but a general summary of your findings. Here is

a suggested outline for your paper. As usual, APA formatted please.

Final Paper Outline

1. Title Page

2. Body of paper to include sections:



Literature Review (Research designs used; data collection methods used; population or type

of data stats presented (variables); data analysis methods used)

Theoretical Framework (few lines describing theory; describe how supports proposal)

Conclusion (with clinical significance/value of findings)

3. Reference Page (Annotated reference list)

Criteria and Qualities Excellent (Full Points) Average (Half Points) Poor (No Points) Points


Introducing the idea: Problem


20 points

The topic is introduced, and

groundwork is laid as to the

direction of the report.

Readers are somewhat aware of the

overall problem, challenge, or topic

that is to be examined.

Neither implicit nor explicit

reference is made to the topic that

is to be examined.


Flow of the report/components

20 points

Transitions tie sections together, as

well as adjacent paragraphs. All

components included: research

designs, data collection methods,

stats and data analysis.

There is a basic flow from one

section to the next, but not all

sections or paragraphs follow in a

natural or logical order. Missing

some components.

The report appears to have no

direction, with subtopics appearing

disjointed. No components


Information Literacy /

Literature Review

25 points

Only scholarly articles are used,

with a minimum of 5 primary

resources. Significant articles

referenced are no older than 10

years of age.

Uses a few scholarly articles, with

less than 5 primary references.

Significant references are older than

10 years.

No evidence of primary references

used. Most references are nonscholarly

in nature, or greater than

10 years old or not relevant to


Clarity of writing and writing


20 points

Writing is crisp, clear, and

succinct. The paper is written in

the third person. There is use of

professional language and

terminology when appropriate.

Writing is generally clear, but

unnecessary words are occasionally

used. Meaning is sometimes

hidden. Paragraph or sentence

structure is too repetitive.

It is hard to know what the writer

is trying to express. Writing is

convoluted. Misspelled words,

incorrect grammar, and improper

punctuation are evident.


A synthesis of ideas and

hypothesis or research question

5 points

The author was able to make

succinct and precise conclusions

based on the review. Insights into

the problem are appropriate.

Conclusions and the hypothesis or

research question are strongly

supported in the report.

The author provides concluding

remarks that show an analysis and

synthesis of ideas occurred. Some

of the conclusions, however, were

not supported in the body of the

report. The hypothesis or research

question is stated.

There is no indication the author

tried to synthesize the information

or make a conclusion based on the

literature under review. No

hypothesis or research question is



Proper APA format

10 points

All needed citations were included

in the report. References matched

the citations, and all were encoded

in APA format. An annotated

reference list is submitted.

Citations within the body of the

report and a corresponding

reference list were presented. Some

formatting problems exist, or

components were missing.

Citations for statements included

in the report were not present, or

references which were included

were not found in the text.

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