Does it avoid grammatical and mechanical errors that distract readers attention

Pick a topic for your Position Essay based on the idea of gender and identity and use the story that I uploaded titled “Who You Callin’ A Lady” to support your position. I want an argument that supports the authors views.

Rubric for Essay #4 ENG 1113:
Evaluation Criteria for the Argument (200 Points)

1. Does the paper use MLA Formatting throughout the essay–refer to the sample essay on pages 262-271 in your Quick Access: Reference for Writers (20 points)?

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2. Does it begin with a unique, centered title (10 points)?

3. Does it begin with an opening paragraph that introduces your topic in an interesting way (this may include the history of the problem)? Are you clear what the paper will be discussing (10 points)?

4. Does it contain a clear, arguable, and interesting thesis based on a proposal to a problem of a contemporary issue? Does it clearly answer the “should” question (10 points)?

5. Does it back up the thesis with arguable topic sentences that support the thesis (10 points)?

6. Does it back up the topic sentences with major supporting sentences which answer the “should question” (30 points)?

7. Does it back up the major supporting sentences with minor supporting sentences (30 points)? Remember to use good examples and minor details that give your audience specific information, including facts, statistics, paraphrases, and quotes. Make sure you can find the correlating citation on the Works Cited page!

8. Does it end with a conclusion that reminds your audience of the validity of your thesis while examining possible effects (10 points)?

9. Does it contain at least three body paragraphs, and do these body paragraphs reflect the other side of the argument while refuting the other side (each paragraph should contain 7-10 sentences) (10 points)?

10. Does it have a Works Cited Page that directly reflects the secondary sources that were used (10 points)? Check to make sure all publication information is available including an author, title, medium, date of publication, and date of access. Does it use a variety of types of sources, including books, journal articles, magazine articles, .edu’s, .org’s, and .com’s?

11. Does it organize the essay logically with at least five paragraphs (including an introduction, body, and conclusion) and 1000-1500 words (10 points)?

12. Does it use an academic tone appropriate for a critical response essay (10 points)? Look for transition words, variation of sentence structure, and variation of length of sentences in your own writing.

13. Does it avoid grammatical and mechanical errors that distract reader’s attention (30 points)?

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