Does it try to reach consumers outside of its host country?

Select a major E-commerce website and write a report (in a case study format) to describe and evaluate the site based on the following criteria: ( i choose
• Give a brief description of the website and services it provide
• Describe its value proposition and revenue model.
• What is their competitive advantage?
• What marketing model does it use? or how it attract customers.
• Does the site provide Global reach: Does it try to reach consumers outside of its host country? If so, how well is this implemented?
• Personalization/Customization: In what ways does the Web site offer personalization / products and services customization if any?
• Social networking: Does the Web site offer ways for consumers to share opinions and preferences?
• Customer loyalty: is there any methods implemented to gain customer loyalty
• Find competing sites in this category and assess how they differ from this site.
• use diagrams to describe your assignment
• use simple word dont use complex word !
• use references ( website , research paper , case studies… etc)
• The work will be checked for plagiarism ( please don’t copy anything!!)
• Please use Times new roman 12 and 1.15 line spacing
• The length of the report should not exceed two pages.
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