Does marketing have a function in church operations?

Define and explain ?market concept? and the ?4P?s?. Provide an example of a company that uses one or both approaches.

Define marketing and sales and explain how they are different from one another. How are they dependent upon one another?

Does marketing have a function in church operations? Explain and support this.

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Generational trends lead to distinctly different attitudes, values and behavioral patterns that must be considered when developing a market plan. Identify the generational cohorts according to your own text and explain their differences in values and motivational factors.

Identify any advertisement or commercial that targets one of the generational groups. Discuss the promotion in details and identify the intended group.

Explain how the Scripture verse ?Jesus Christ is the Same yesterday and today and forever? (Heb 13.8) relates to the ?generational cohort?. Discuss in the above exercise.

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