Does the population you plan to serve is underserved, culturally different or vulnerable?Describe the competencies necessary for your role

Im a Registered Nurse with an AS degree. Im working as a Night Manger in the Operating Room at Hospital, my five year plan is to become the Director of the Operating Room. The outline is listed below the question that this paper must answer.

Described your visionary role
1. Described the history of your visionary role? Discuss how the role relates to trends in
nursing/health care,
2. Discuss how the role related to trends in society, use demographic data and statistics to
support these trends (i.e., references)
3. What is your scope of practice at this time? Will your scope of practice change?
4. Specify your role responsibilities within your specialty area, Will your responsibilities
5. Specify those with whom you will collaborate and include rationale on reasons for
collaboration ( physicians, administrators)
Described the system within which this role would be relevant
6. Discuss the structure of the system (e.g., hospital, clinic, private practice, combination)
7. Described the population that will be serve by your new role
8. Does the population you plan to serve is underserved, culturally different or vulnerable?
Describe the competencies necessary for your role
9. Discuss educational preparation needed (i.e., what type of degree from what type of
10. What clinical preparation (i. e., school and work experiences) is needed?
11. Determine what certification is needed in Florida
12. Determine what professional standards of moral, ethical, and legal conduct are needed for
your dream role
13. Discuss your personal strengths and weaknesses in relationship to your new role.

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