Does the site create an image of trustworthiness?

Case study 4 Little Dudes and DivasCan a Web Site Redesign Accelerate a Small Companys Growth?QUESTIONS:1. Visit the Web site for Little Dudes and Divas ( and spend some time exploring it. What is your first impression of the company? Is your impression consistent with the image that the Karasantis want to create for their business? Is the site easy to navigate? Does the site allow shoppers to easily find the items they want? Does the site create an image of trustworthiness?2. Write a short memo to the Karasantis that includes at least five recommendations for improving their companys Web site.3. What steps can the Karasantis take to communicate their companys unique selling proposition (USP) to their customers and potential customers through their Web site?4. What suggestions can you offer the Karasantis for improving their social media marketing strategies?

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