Does the work reference correctly using the Harvard style and always showing where others work is used?

People and Organisations 1. Critical Review of a Body of Knowledge (Wider Reading and Criticisms) ¢ Does this work use key readings relevant to the subject “ sources may include books, journals and UWIC’s electronic resources with limited reference to internet sources? ¢ Does the literature on self efficacy include up-to-date material? ¢ Does the discussion of self efficacy examine more than one point of view? ¢ Does the work identify and explain the variety of theories on the subject, demonstrating strengths and weaknesses and identifying where they contradict or agree with each other? ¢ Does the work indicate an agreed position on the subject, or, alternatively, indicate the how views differ? 2. Using the Primary Data (Interviews) ¢ Does the work describe the outcome of the interview? ¢ Does it link the interview to the concept of self efficacy? ¢ Does the work analyse the meaning of the interview using the Kolb framework provided? ¢ Does the work present findings/conclusions that links the interview to the idea of self efficacy? ¢ Does the work identify an event in your/ others life that is appropriate for reflection? ¢ Does the work give evidence of critical reflection explaining how one act led to other particular actions? ¢ Does the work demonstrate the ability to identify new and imaginative connections and future actions? ¢ Does the work give useful examples of the development of your and others awareness, identity and personal philosophy through reflective commentary and working with a ˜critical friend’? 4. Presenting and Referencing the Data ¢ Does the work present the data in such a way that helps the reader understand the discussion? ¢ Does the work present the data attractively but simply? ¢ Does the work reference correctly using the Harvard style and always showing where others’ work is used?

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