Does this draft of your workaddress theissue and related research question(s) – as presented and confirmed in the earlier modules?

Module 4 – SLP


In accordance with the overview and timeframe for your SLP work presented in Module 1, you are now to submit a solid draft of your paper up through the end of this 4th module. This enables you the opportunity to receive feedback and input for possible revisions that may strengthen your final submission in Module 5.


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1. MODULE ONE: Overview of Issue and Research Question

2. MODULE TWO: Reference List Page (5-10 references)

3. MODULE THREE: Detailed Outline of Paper

4. MODULE FOUR: Solid Draft of Entire Paper

5. MODULE FIVE: Final Paper in its Entirety

SLP Assignment Expectations

Before submitting your work, be sure to do a thorough review yourself and where possible get someone else to read it with “new eyes” that may spot problems you cannot see because you are too close to the paper and tend to see “what should be there” instead of what is actually on the page. Ask these questions:

  1. Does this draft of your work address the issue and related research question(s) – as presented and confirmed in the earlier modules?
  2. Does this draft of your work reflect your consideration of the feedback provided thus far?
  3. Proper use of APA formatting rules? Supporting research and professional resources properly acknowledged and cited?

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