Does your reaction differ based on your role as a professional versus your role as a resident?

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Assignment 2

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Topic and Rationale

The topic and rationale includes a detailed description of the client population you have chosen and examines the impact of substance abuse, addiction, recovery, and relapse on this client population, using two to three peer-reviewed journal articles.

Unit 2 Discussion 1

Local Substance Abuse

Base your response to the following discussion topic on the chapters you read in the Doweiko text, Concepts of Chemical Dependency.

Much of the data reported on the effect of substance abuse is on a national scale. However, the most effective responses to the substance abuse problem occur on a local level. Investigate and report on the nature and extent of substance abuse in your own state or community and compare it to that reported nationally. How is it supportive to the families of people with substance abuse issues? Visit the National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors Web site for a link to each state’s substance abuse agency.

Unit 2 Discussion 2

Town Meeting

Consider the following scenario.

You are attending a local town meeting. One of the agenda items is the planned establishment of a residential substance abuse treatment program in a currently abandoned building. There is much reaction from the audience, with many people expressing concern that this will become a magnet for drug addicts and result in an increase in crime and other related problems.

Based on the assigned readings for this unit, examine the role that public perceptions and attitudes play in providing adequate treatment for those with problems related to substance abuse. Specifically, answer the following questions:

· As a human service professional who both lives and works in the community, what is your reaction to this issue?

· Does your reaction differ based on your role as a professional versus your role as a resident?

· How would you respond when asked your opinion about this issue?

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