Domestic Abuse , Research Paper help

Domestic Abuse , Research Paper help

Question descriptionI have to do a Research Paper on
 Domestic Abuse Guidelines are below:

Each student is to write a 4-5 page paper (this does not include cover page and works cited page) on a topic of choice (as long as it is directly related to Sociological Aspects of Human Sexuality). This is a research paper not a summary of some parts of our textbook or other books.

* Papers must include a title page is not included with the pages. The title pages must have student’s name, course title, instructor’s name, dates and course term.

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* Paper should be typed, double spaced, well written, and consistently following the writing style of your choice.

* Papers must have one inch margins, and paginated.

* Papers must include a bibliography/works cited page.

* All material must be properly cited. Direct quotations must include a page reference.

* I reserve the right to deduct points for flagrantly improper use of grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation.

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