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Religion, the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power. That one word has changed the fate of history for centuries. Good, bad, right, and wrong, are not as black and white as it seems to be. It dependents on what someone puts their faith in. All religions have different views and opinions on the natural and psychological world. The clashing of religions is not an uncommon feat in today’s day and age. The battles between religion have been a practicality since the time when holy religions had first been founded. Since that time, different religions have clashed, some clashes lead to the deadliest and most unspeakable events in history. The birth of Jesus Christ and the teachings of god through the prophet Muhammad, were the beginning to the differences between Christians and Muslims, causing them to have had a rocky history. A war that commenced between these two religions centuries ago, still live on today through the modern adherents of Christianity and Islam. The rivalry between these two highly
populated regions will lead to catastrophic events. If one million adherents of Christianity and one million adherents of Islam moved within the borders of the same country the result would be catastrophic because due to religious, cultural, and political conflicts.
To commence, Christianity and Islam have different religious views. Differing religious practices, views on marriage and divorce, and the ideology of Jesus Christ, between Christians and Muslims could lead to hefty conflicts within the shared region. To begin, the two religions have different religious practices. Some branches of Christianity believe in sacraments, a religious ceremony or act of the Christian Church that is regarded as an outward and visible sign of inward and spiritual divine grace. The Christian holy book is the Holy Bible, the reading of the bible is very important to the followers of the religion, and most Christians gather to worship in a church. As for Muslims, they have a scared belief that there is one god and and Muhammad is his messenger. Muslims pray to their god, an average five times a day. During their special holiday of Ramadan, they fast, abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink, this holiday lasts about one month. Next, another main difference that could lead to religious conflict are the differentiating views on marriage and divorce. Christian’s believe the marriage is scared and only condones divorces in cases of adultery. According to the Quran, the Muslim holy book, men may marry more than one woman, but no more than four, as long as he can support them and treat them fairly. Divorce is socially easy for men, but difficult for women. One of the main religious differences between Christianity and Islam, is the ideology of Jesus Christ. Christian’s believe that Jesus Christ is the son of god, and part of the holy trinity of god which consists of the father, son, and holy
spirit. Muslim’s believe that Jesus Christ was not the son of god but, was a prophet sent to tell the teachings of god.
To continue, Christianity and Islam have many cultural conflicts. With these differing ideas, could lead to devastation among both religions. For example, clothing, food, places of worship, a holydays are all part of one’s religious identity. Different views on these cultural aspects could lead to war and destruction. Conservative Christians dress modestly; women may cover their heads, wear ling skirts or dresses; men may wear dress clothes that do not show the chest, legs, and arms, more moderate or liberal Christians generally reject such clothing restrictions. Islamic clothing is different and differences in clothing may cause high tensions. Muslim women must present themselves modestly to cover hair and body shape. Men must be modestly dressed and covered from waist to knee. In most Muslim culture, women wear a form of hijab; In some, they must wear the full body cover known as the burqa. Although food is an essential part of life, even that may cause conflicts. Christian’s believe that certain meats should not be consumed. Muslims are only supposed to eat foods that are considered halal. Finally, both religions have different places of worship. Building them in a close vicinity could lead to dangerous confrontations on what’s right and wrong. Christian’s worship in churches, chapels, cathedrals, basilica, home bible studies, and personal dwellings. Muslim’s worship in mosques/masjids and any place which is considered clean by Islamic standards.
Next, political conflicts can lead to many disagreements among the two clashing religions. Not only do Christians and Muslims have different religious and cultural differences their political differences set them apart even more. Different views on the
economy, education, and women’s rights, are just a few examples of political conflicts that may occur between these religions. On economic views, each religion fell that they should hold the majority part in their country. Christians believe that the bible should be taught to everyone that follows their religion, education is widespread and everyone deserves to be equally taught. Muslims teach the teachings in the Quran, however education may not be accessible to all women. Which leads the views on women’s rights, Christian give women more rights and freedom than of the people that follow the Islamic religion.
Although many problems may arise among these religious groups, some minor similarities may keep the new county afloat, however this is doubtful because many of these counterarguments have flaws. For example, the belief in one god, the belief in Jesus Christ, and the belief in “hell” may seem like common traits, however each individual trait has holes. The belief in one god is accurate, however Christians believe that god had three sub-divisions, the father, the son, and the holy sprit, while Muslims do not. Jesus Christ was a person that both Christians and Muslims cannot agree upon. Christians view him as the son of god, while Muslims see him as a prophet only sent by god to tell his teachings. And finally the concept of the afterlife, Christians believe that hell is everlasting and Muslims believe that you can always come back from it.
To sum it up, if one million adherents of Christianity and one million adherents of Islam moved within the borders of the same country the result would be catastrophic because due to countless religious, cultural, and political conflicts. Due to all these factors, this region would not survive. Yes, the religion is able to coexist while there is
freedom, but as soon as they are excluded from the world and joined together, there is no telling what can happen.
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