Draft Doctoral Study Prospectus

Create a Doctoral Study Prospectus using the draft problem statement below,

Draft Problem Statment

Leaderships behavior have a direct correlation to employee’s growth from the entry-level position (Bayram, & Dinc, 2015). Organizational cultures can lack innovation with leadership development and growth for entry-level employees (Joo, & Lim, 2013). The general business problem is organization have a high turnover rate for entry-level employees that are a misguided by leadership. The specific business problem is the lack of the leadership strategies to educate and retain entry-level employees.

Bayram, H., & Dinc, S. (2015). Role of transformational leadership on employee’s job

satisfaction: the case of private universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. European Researcher,4

(93), 270-281. doi:10.13187/er.2015.93.270

Joo, B., & Lim, T. (2013). Transformational leadership and career satisfaction: The mediating role of psychological empowerment. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 20, 316-326. doi:10.1177/1548051813484359

Evertyhing that is required within the Prospectus( Documents attached as well)

  • Problem Statement
  • Purpose Statement
  • Nature of the Study
  • Central Research Question and Interview Questions (qualitative) or Research Question(s) and Hypotheses (quantitative)
  • Theoretical/Conceptual Framework
  • Significance of the Study
  • Review of the Professional and Academic Literature
  • Minimum of 10 peer-reviewed references


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