Draw an ERD for the following situation. (State any assumptions you believe you

Draw an ERD for the following situation. (State any assumptions
you believe you have to make in order to develop a
complete diagram.) Also, draw a data model for this situation
using the tool you have been told to use in your course: The
H. I. Topi School of Business operates international business
programs in 10 locations throughout Europe. The school had
its first class of 9,000 graduates in 1965. The school keeps
track of each graduate’s student number, name when a student,
country of birth, current country of citizenship, current
name, and current address, as well as the name of each major
the student completed. (Each student has one or two majors.)
To maintain strong ties to its alumni, the school holds various
events around the world. Events have a title, date, location,
and type (e.g., reception, dinner, or seminar). The school
needs to keep track of which graduates have attended which
events. For an attendance by a graduate at an event, a comment
is recorded about information school officials learned
from that graduate at that event. The school also keeps incontact with graduates by mail, e-mail, telephone, and faxinteractions. As with events, the school records informationlearned from the graduate from each of these contacts. Whena school official knows that he or she will be meeting or talkingto a graduate, a report is produced showing the latestinformation about that graduate and the information learnedduring the past two years from that graduate from all contactsand events the graduate attended

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