Dreams to find the cure for diabetes


“Explain a problem you’ve resolved or one you’d like to. Whatever the magnitude, it can be an intellectual challenge, a research question, an ethical conundrum, or anything else that is significant to the individual. What does it mean to you, and what steps have you taken or may be taken to find a solution?

This is the topic I’ve chosen for my CommonApp essay. My father has had type 1 diabetes for about 20 years, as a backdrop to the tale. He has endured a great deal of agony as a result of Type 1 diabetes, and I witness that pain every day. If his job didn’t offer such wonderful health insurance, we would be struggling because he receives a lot of medication in the mail. This essay should explain why I want to find a treatment or cure for diabetes. I don’t want it to be about me really finding the cure, but rather about my justification and what it means to me. Don’t worry about using sources, either.

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