Drug has a molec weight of 200

2. A drug has a molec. weight of 200. Determine how many grams would you use to make 100 ml of a solution that is isotonic (for man)? Assume that the diluent is distilled water and that the drug does not ionize in water.


3. Percent solutions are made on the basis of g/ml or ml/ml of diluent, and it is usually assumed that 1 ml of water = 1 g of water. For example, 20 g/100 ml of water or 200 g/1000 ml of water = a 20 % solution. If a 60 % solution of a substance (molec. wt. of 150) is infused intravenously (i.v.) into a patient, what will happen to the red blood cells at the site of infusion? Explain your answer in terms of the osmolarity of the solution. Assume that the substance does not ionize.

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