The DT35O semester exam
December 2013
Information and Management System for Global Operations
Dr. Roberto Palacios Rodrigues is the external examiner.
Dr. Waleed Abo Hamad served as the internal examiner.
Audrey Jennings,
Tuesday, January 7, 2014, from 2 to 5 p.m
Instructions: Answer THREE (3) questions, one from each Section and one more from either Section A or Section B.
Every question is precisely the same.
Please keep your answer books for Sections A and B separate.
International Operations Section A Agreement
You must respond to all three of the following questions.
All inquiries are legitimate concerns.
Mark makes his point quite clearly in the responses to the questions that you are providing.
I Question
a) What are some common advantages of ERP?
b) Mention the seven additional TQMs.
d) Describe forecasting’s strategic importance.
d) Take a look at the flowchart of the process in the figure below.
ISD/DT35O (20 points)
(20 points) (20 points)
The table below shows the estimated average processing times for each activity included in the process.
Active coaching Time (minutes)
What is the typical duration of the process?
Question No. 2 (40 points)
a) Analysis of cycle time and capacity with relevant data on productivity.
L. Mentions several strategies for reducing cycle time through proactive design.
2. Describe the fundamental methods for increasing speed.
(40 markings)
( 4 10 6 5 9 ) AB C D EF DT35O/ISD
b) A defense contract in London is pending approval; the timing and due dates are listed in the table.
Jon H. O’Connor Jon Dur D.lrr Jon Tnrm, A B C DE F 06 t 2 14 02 10 o4 22 l 4 30 l 8 25 34
1. Establish a quenching system in accordance with SPTr.
2. Assess the following computational procedures: i. Average completion time
Average number of jobs in the system and Average number of jobs b lateness
Utilization Question No. 3 (6 marks)
a) When choosing a location for new facilities, managers of manufacturing and service organizations carefully consider a variety of variables. Determine the elements that influence location choices with regard to:
First, local decisions.
Decisions made by the region’s community.
3. Selecting a site.
(30 marks) b) The president of Hill Enterprises, Terry Hill, plans to aggregate the enterprises’ demand requirements over the following eight months as follows:
January February March April May June July 2,200 2,200 1,800 1,400
Her management is proposing a new strategy that begins in January with 200 units available. The average loss in sales is one hundred euros per unit. Inventory management costs are €20 per unit per month.
Calculate the expenditures for January through August to evaluate the following projects.
1. Change the workforce’s skill level when implementing a “class” strategy and producing the quantity ordered in the previous month. The monthly need for production for the D entity is 1,600 units. The price of recruiting extra personnel is €5,000 per 100 hours. The cost of hiring 100 units of labor is €7,500.
1,400 1,600 1,800 DT35 O/S1 D
2. Produce a consistency of 1,400 nits per month that will meet the minimum requirements. With additional units available for a premium price of €7.50 per unit, T. henu Ses Subcontracting W.
(70 markings)
What is Six Sigma, first? How is the DMAIC process being reflected by the S-ix Sigmat tools?
(40 markings)
b) A Dallas-based company called Montoya-Weiss Engineering (M WE) manufactures customized equipment for the aerospace industry.M WE is considering contracting with a Fort Worth manufacturer to produce a certain component.
The Fort Worth manufacturer also agreed to produce the components for $25 per unit, with an annual output of 32,000M. WE managed to develop the following statistics:
current production processes Fort Worth producer
Fixed expenses
800,000 annually for equipment and expenses
Variable expenses
$25 for each component
Other expenses
$8.5 per rupee. AdministrativeCorporate Sts.
5.00 per unit
$50,000 per year to $75,000 per year
$0.50 per eru nit
In addition to price, M WE Management has identified two other factors to take into account: quality and on-time delivery.M WE management se established weights for cost, quality, and on-time delivery of 0.2, 0.5, and 0.33, respectively.
The performance of present manufacturing and Fort Worth manufacturers has also been evaluated by purchasing experts at MWE with reference to these considerations.
Their ratings range from 1 (“poor”) to 5 (“excellent”) and are as follows:
Dimension current production processes Factory in Fort Worth
Price Quality
Punctual delivery
Determine the overall cost as well as the total cost of each option.
(60 markings)
Observation 5 (a) Simulation is the imitation of a real-world process or system over time using a similar situation, with the aim of more conveniently obtaining information to improve system performance.
1. What are the main objectives of designing a simulation model?
4 J 5 J a 5 J DT35O/ISD
2. What are the major goals of employing simulation models in company performance analysis?
(40 markings)
b) An electronics manufacturing company with a second facility that is expanding. The search was limited to four locations, all of which were manageable in terms of the dominant variables. The assessment of these sites in terms of the seven location factors is as follows:
The score for Each Location’s Location Factor Weight
France, Germany, London, England
l. The labor market
2. Quality of life 3. Accessibility
4. Market proximity
5. Being near materials
6, Taxes
7. Services
0.2a 0.16 0.16 0. t4 0.12 0 . t 2 0.10 445 341 432 344 334 554 433
Which sites should he handle for the second facility, according to clause two?
How would the choice change if the quality of living and amenities were to improve?
(60 markings)
Define strategic alignment and explain how it relates to the planning of strategic information systems in response to question 6. I identify, describe, and outline the tasks associated with each component of the SISP planning process as well as the part that methodologies played in it.
Global S/IT or strategic planning faces significant challenges, according to this assertion. Make references to companies you are familiar with.
7 I listed the numerous systems at various organizational levels in a “Pyramid” to help people comprehend the reach of information systems in organizations. We determined how IS/IT had expanded throughout the enterprise and made it possible for organizations to integrate their IS/IT solutions.D seamlessly. Lists the many systems that can be used to facilitate cross-functional and intra-organizational integration. He also outlines the benefits and obstacles of such implementation in a global organization.
Question 8: The strategic function of IS/IT in allowing a sustainable competitive advantage has been identified using traditional strategic management methods. Discuss his statement explaining the significance of three strategic frameworks and highlighting the role played by IS/IT data is being recognized as a differentiator to give many organizations a competitive advantage. As a result, the Value Chain Framework is progressing, and enabling technologies are playing an increasingly important role in its implementation.



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