E-Business Plan Assignment

In conclusion
You’ll be reminded to do this at the conclusion of the class. Publish an executive summary that is one to two pages long.
Organization Description
Write an industry analysis after determining the sector in which your e-business will operate.
Make a mission statement public for your online business. Include one or two sentences that clarify or support the mission statement. As you refine your business concept, this mission statement might shift a little, but it should still be thorough and precise enough to direct the development of goals and the value proposition.
For your firm, list at least four objectives. Each objective ought to have a succinct justification for its existence.
For each of the business objectives you created, create at least three SMART objectives.
Create and write your e-business’s value proposition. This should be a paragraph or two that explains the advantages your company will provide for clients and explains why this is a crucial claim to make in the marketplace and for customers.
Choose one or two business models (rarely three or more) that adequately explain the anticipated business operations. Name each model and give a brief explanation of how it relates to your company idea. Put the value proposition in there.
Market Research
Choose no more than three target markets for your e-business and list at least two in brief. Make sure your markets are properly scoped—not too narrow or too large. As many demographic, regional, psychographic, and consumer characteristics as you can should be included in your description.
By supplementing the general description you finished before with objective, quantifiable facts, complete your description of your target markets. You might need to make modest alterations in your target markets based on your market research.
Competitor Research
locate 5 to 6 direct competitors, or fewer if you can locate no more than 7 key competitors, and list and rank them.
For your e-business, identify, list, and rate 3 to 5 indirect competitors as well as 3 to 5 potential rivals.
Fill out the competition analysis grid for your e-business’s two to three direct competitors, one indirect competitor, and one potential competitor.
The findings from your competitor’s research and analysis should be summarized and added to your e-business plan.
Find at least one (preferably more) source of competitive advantage for your company by using the opportunities-and-threats approach, the competitive-strategies approach, or both. Explain this in your e-business plan so that readers will understand how you intend to use these to achieve commercial success.
Operations Determine the feasibility and cost of hosting a Web site for your e-business (you will use the cost information in the financial statements) and choose one of the following options based on your intended Web site host requirements: (a) store builder service, (b) Internet service provider, (c) dedicated hosting service, or (d) self-hosting. Prepare a brief justification for your choice as part of your operations plan.
Choose (a) internal development, (b) external development, or (c) partnering for your start-up site creation and continuing site maintenance based on your projected Web site requirements and the factors outlined above. Give a succinct justification for your choice.
Find an available domain name for your e-business (one that was still available when you looked into it) and write a brief justification in a paragraph.
How to Write an Executive Summary?
The important points of the overall e-business plan are distilled into the executive summary. Its goal is to inform and enthrall the reader while outlining the principles of the industry. The executive summary has succeeded if, after reading it, the investor or manager has a clear understanding of the nature of the firm and is motivated to learn more.
The summary often includes one or two essential points from most sections of the e-business plan as a condensed version of the entire document. Some portions might be omitted due to space restrictions, but a thorough summary will give the reader a clear description of the full strategy.
Based on poor executive summaries we have observed in student and professional business plans, another method to describe an executive summary is to describe what it is not.
• The executive summary is more than simply a quick rundown of the company and its offerings. This information is presented in the plan’s business description section; it need not be repeated here. Don’t let information from one area dominate your executive summary because the summary is a description of the complete plan.
• An outline of the plan is not provided in the executive summary. Sometimes, inexperienced summary writers make the error of constructing an extensive table of contents. Instead of telling the reader that there is a competitor analysis inside, for instance, sum up the analysis by naming one or two important rivals and your company’s main competitive advantage in the crowded market.
• There is no hype in the executive summary. Although one of the objectives of the executive summary is to pique the reader’s interest enough to read the complete plan, you must resist the need to overstate statements or highlight just the positive. For instance, you might wish to identify a large danger or a well-known rival and make recommendations for how the company will address this issue. This gives what may otherwise be an overly romanticized presentation of the idea a feeling of balance and realism. • The executive summary is not a cut-and-paste exercise. An experienced investor or businessperson would recognize hype, and this would undermine the plan’s credibility. Key passages and words from the plan can be used as the beginning of the summary. Still, the final product should be written “fresh” with no significant content duplication and a seamless flow of plan highlights from the beginning to the end.
The Executive Summary’s content
You must create the executive summary with the intended reader in mind in addition to outlining the business idea and business plan. If you are preparing the strategy for an investor, you must include crucial information regarding the necessary finances. Likewise, steer clear of words and ideas that the reader might not be familiar with. Don’t, for instance, employ terminology from the e-business world like infomediary, digital divide, or mass customization unless you define them or are 100% positive that the reader will understand what they mean. The greatest executive summaries and plans themselves demonstrate an awareness of the reader’s concerns and priorities and provide clear, in-depth answers to those concerns.
Start the executive summary off right by making a remark that is intriguing and captivating enough to draw the reader in. This might be a query (such as, “What is Purma’s most popular baby gift? “), a fascinating, brief tale (such as, for Purma Top Gifts, how volcanic rock put down 160 million years ago makes bloodstone jewelry that Purma is today famous for), or both. An animal skin! A startling fact (e.g., “In 2001, over 256,000 tourists with incomes exceeding US$40,000 visited Purma. These tourists need a place where they can shop to give the best that Purma has to offer to their friends, their families, and themselves. Soon Purmaian sheepskins from Purma Top Gifts will provide warmth and comfort to infants around the world.
Instead, the traditional way to start an executive summary is with a statement of the company’s purpose, perhaps by incorporating the company’s mission statement (for example, “Purma Top Gifts is an e-business that sells top quality Purma-made gifts and souvenirs to customers who want the very best that Purma has to offer.”) and a few sentences about the product or service the company will offer.
Then, make an effort to draw attention to one important item from each component of the plan, such as the main target market from the market analysis section, the main source of competitive advantage from the competitor analysis, the return on investment from the financial statements, and so forth. You may not be able to include everything due to space constraints, so you can skip any sections that don’t add anything significant or fascinating to the reader’s experience.
An explicit declaration of what you expect from the reader should follow the goal of the e-business plan (e.g., “The purpose of this plan is to propose the launch of the Purma Top Gifts Web site and seek funding for its development.”) in the executive summary. Don’t, for instance, make the lender read all the way to page 10 of the plan to get the loan amount you need. If you are specific about your needs and talents in the executive summary, the reader is more likely to turn the page.
Executive Summary’s length
To the question, “How long should an executive summary be?” there is really only one response. The response is “short.”
The executive summary should be at least one page long and no longer than two pages unless your instructor specifies otherwise. If you can’t condense your company strategy into two pages, the reader will assume you lack focus and can’t establish priorities. Utilizing the majority of the area at your disposal is likewise pretty crucial. An executive summary page with a lot of white space on the second page usually doesn’t have much substance inside. Therefore, in general, compose your executive summary over one or two complete pages.
The Plan’s Format
Your business plan’s report should be arranged in the following chronological order:
Tables, if any, references, the cover page, the table of contents, the executive summary, the main body of the text as it is specified in the assignment, and any appendices.

For the main text, use Times Roman 12 Font.
Sizes 18 to 24 should be used for headings and cover pages.
The page’s margins to the left and right should be 2.5 cm.
The cover page’s upper margin should be 3.5 cm.
Double spacing should be used for text.


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