Each student comes to this course with his or her own unique  set of experiences

Each student comes to this course with his or her own unique  set of experiences, knowledge base, and perspectives. It is therefore  to be expected that you take different things away from this course and  find different topics to be the most or least valuable.
This course has covered a range of management topics,  including the functions of a manager, ethics, diversity, the global  business environment, decision making and planning techniques,  approaches to organizing and motivating employees, the complexity of  leadership, group dynamics and human resource management, and the  management of information systems and quality control.
Think about which of the many topics, theories, or concepts  addressed in this course has or will mean the most to you in your  current or future employment.
By Day 7
Submit a 350- to 700-word paper which addresses the following questions:
How have your attitude or perspectives on management changed or been reinforced by this course?
Which concept or piece of new information most surprised you? Why?
What knowledge or insights gained from this course will be  the most useful or important to you as you proceed with your career?  Why?
Application Assignments must be in AWE style and format. Information on AWE is available from your instructor and at the Walden Writing Center.

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