Each week of this course has helped you better understand the genres of literatu

Each week of this course has helped you better understand the genres of literature and determine quality within these genres. As you explored the characteristics and special qualities of picture books, poetry, folklore, fantasy, science fiction, contemporary realistic and historical fiction, biographies, and nonfiction, you have learned about the unique role that specific kinds of books can play in shaping children’s and adolescents’ attitudes about themselves, other people and cultures, life experiences, and of course, literature itself. You have also read and evaluated a variety of books written for children and adolescents, broadening your exposure to the wide array of excellent literature available today.Reflect on what you have learned and experienced throughout this course as you respond to this week’s Discussion posting.
By Day 3Post a paragraph that completes the following sentence and expands upon it with at least 5 additional sentences:”Quality children’s and adolescent literature . . . ” Your statements may include the following; however, feel free to be creative in your approach:A description or definition, listing various criteria
Statements about the use or effectiveness of literature in a child’s world
Reflections about your personal experiences with literature.

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