Easy Assignment

ALS 145 Assignment: Appointment with a Career Advisor


This is to give you an opportunity to explore and utilize the career development center services provided to you.


  1. Schedule an appointment with a career advisor. You can do so through the Career Development Center. They have virtual Drop-ins or you can use your Handshake account to schedule an appointment with your college-specific career advisor.
  2. Prepare for your appointment. Have one or two specific and important questions to ask. Your questions could be about your cover letter, resume, internships, or interviews.
  3. Be sure to you arrive to appointment five minutes early.
  4. Ask you question(s) and then listen to your advisor’s response and take notes. Do not be afraid to ask additional questions for clarification.
  5. Write a 250 –350 word reflection paragraph answering the following questions
    1. What surprised you the most about your appointment?
    2. What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?
    3. What new information did you gain and how will you use this information to secure a job in the near future?

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