Ebola: Current status an assessment of relevant hazards

For Final Paper Assignment 5, you will submit a detailed outline of your final paper with a full, annotated bibliography. The outline should include at least three levels with in-text citations. (For an explanation of outlines, you might see, for example, this resource (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..)


The bibliography should be in APA format; the annotations should be brief (1-3 sentences) and should indicate the focus of the text and highlight the way you plan to use the text in your paper. it should have a thesis that highlights a key insight or recommendation from completing this analysis a description of the community a description of the crisis, including the current status an assessment of relevant hazards and risks from an all-hazards perspective an assessment of public health considerations an assessment of community pre-disaster readiness an assessment of the community’s risk perception an analysis of factors impacting disaster consequence and community resilience a discussion of how the elements listed above contribute to your key insights and/or recommendations 

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