EC1012 Legal Introduction

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2015 coursework

Respond to both parts of the inquiry.

You have been tasked with creating a report on the following as the recently appointed Commissioner of Laws:

i. The foundational texts of the English legal system, listed in order of constitutional importance, with any appropriate instances

[40 markings]

ii. When there is a disagreement between national law and European law, how have the courts determined whether English law or European law is superior?

Use pertinent case law to back up your response.
[60 marks]


1. An Arial font in size 12 and word processing are required for the task.

2. This essay has a word count of between 1500 and 1750.

3. At the conclusion, it must be specified how many words were used exactly.

4. The final section must also include a comprehensive bibliography.

5. There must be proof of investigation and reading in this essay.

6. You must adequately cite any applicable case law, statutes, or illustrations.

You must upload your coursework to the portal by 4 p.m. on November 25, 2015.


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