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Minimizing waste: By considering buying only the products that I need, avoiding excessive packaging and recycling everything recyclable I have managed to promote efficient waste management.  The activities that I have done include separating my household stuff that can be reused before disposing of them. Most of my kitchen wastes I considered reusing them in my vegetable garden. For my furniture’s, clothes and electrical appliances I considered recycling them. To improve proper waste management one should consider donating unwanted materials to the nearest recycling groups. I have also planted more plants and trees in my home area to improve the surrounding air, acting as my source of food and shade. More trees should be planted to reduce climatic changes and natural disasters. Compost kitchen waste: I have tried using as much food as possible from my kitchen and used all unusable raw waste to make compost fertilizer for my garden. Inorganic fertilizers should be avoided in all manners. I have also tried replacing my old home appliances with energy efficient appliances such as new water heaters as a solution for saving energy. I considered using public transportation to reduce cost and carbon emissions (Gorman-Murray & Lane, 2012).

Recycling: I have been recycling all my old household trash and cleaning my house. This helped to reduce pressure on raw materials. I ensured I made right choices regarding my purchases of the sustainable product. To avoid wasting food, I considered consuming first what I had refrigerated previously. I have also planted food in my garden such as vegetables which are free from chemicals (Gorman-Murray & Lane, 2012). On the course of the week, I worked on leaking pipes and faulty wiring in my home by replacing and insulating them to conserve energy, minimize waste and reduce my utility bills. I have also joined and supported organizations dedicated to sustainability in my area.



Gorman-Murray, A., & Lane, R. (Eds.). (2012). Material geographies of household sustainability. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd..


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