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Please submit sampling plan, data collection and implementation plan.

Submit an outline for a plan as appropriate for sampling (obtaining participants), data collection, pilot study if needed, and implementation of intervention or project; include timeline.

· Recruitment is via email.

· This student is using 6 nurses as participants.

· The PICOT & Tools used cannot change.

· Please, it is compulsory to USE the RUBRIC to complete it. See Attached.

Please see the attached “Implementation Plan and Timeline” previously submitted paper for the rest of the information needed to complete the assignment-Attached.

My sample and participants will be 6 nurses with 2 years experience at Mercris Home Health, which is the inclusion criteria for them and also we are recruiting them via email collected from the Human resources which is also one of the people am collaborating with, see attachment for my timeline stuff and also listed here my participants.

a. Participants

The major participants in this project are nurses who work in the facility. Key participants engaging in the DNP project are nurses within the Home Health setting sinee they are most affected by burnout, the Director of Nursing, Dr Long, Preceptor and the stakeholders. The shareholders would be educated about the project in order for an informed decision to be made.

b. Setting

The project will be implemented at Mercris Home Health which is an agency that offers a wide variety of home-based healthcare services by sending nurses to different regions of the city to do patient care. To ensure that the issues with burnout are addressed, improvements must be made and the plan is to implement and evaluate a mindfulness program that involves the use of a “mindfulness room” created for the nurses.

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