Economic Analysis

The company that needs to be analyzed is Accuray a medical device company that provides Radiation Therapy to treat cancer. I have attached the paper that I wrote prior to this one about the company. I need to make sure there are graphs included.

Economic Analysis Paper Four requires students to develop a short run (about one year) outlook for the company and products they selected for these assignments. The outlook is based on using short run forecasts of macroeconomic variables that were selected in Paper Three and using the forecasts to extend graphs and charts developed in previous papers. The outlook also should reflect student understanding of the economic models and concepts covered in this course (both in terms of micro and macroeconomic analysis) to make an informed estimate of future trends in the company’s revenues, production, profits or other key variables students identified in earlier papers.

For example, if students selected Ford Motor Company and F-150 trucks, and identified gasoline prices and disposable personal income (DPI) as key variables affecting demand, they should find short term forecasts for DPI and energy prices (or gasoline prices if available) and use these forecasts to extend their past observations of the effects of DPI and energy prices on revenues from, profits from, and/or production of F-150 trucks or other key variables they identified to make an informed judgment about the short term future outlook for F-150 trucks sales, revenues, and/or profits.

Students should include graphs or tables to illustrate and support their analyses. It is important that students learn how to develop and incorporate graphs and tables with specific information relative to their topics and arguments into their economic writing.

Students are asked to answer the following three questions to support their outlooks:

• Is the macro economy helping to promote growth in your industry?
• Are current government policies likely to result in slower or negative growth in demand?
• Will costs be adversely affected or helped by government policies?

The conclusion of this, the last Economic Analysis Paper, should include each student’s own assessment of the effects of current macroeconomic policies, both fiscal and monetary as relevant, on the company and product(s) selected, as well as on the industry as a whole. Students should suggest steps that their company possible could take to benefit from or mitigate adverse effects of these policies and back their suggestions with rationale based on economic concepts.

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