Economic Principles and Decision Making

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Reflective analysis involves reporting on and responding to a significant issue or experience; 1. relating the issue or experience to your own knowledge in the field; 2. analyzing the causes and effects of the issue or experience in light of pertinent theories or literature; and/or comparing the issue or experience to others you have had; and 3. reconstructing your thinking to devise fresh strategies for approaching the problem or engaging in related experiences in the future.

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WILL requested that the report provide a comparison of the first and second assessments.
Please let me know if you need a copy of the initial assessment that your organization made.

1-Page Executive Summary: no language that is repeated
Introduction, second paragraph
The report’s body
4-finale (1 page)

Please review the Guideline Line of Work Learning Rubrics on Pages 4 and 5 of the Assessment Brief.

I think you should talk about the production curve in your article. The Australian market structure is also covered by Cobb Douglass, the Philip Curse for Inflation, and unemployment rates.
You might also draw attention to the price competition between large grocery chains and Farmers Link, as shown below.

Discuss the most recent behavior of the Big Four banks and the rise in interest rates, although the RBA maintains a constant interest rate.


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