Economics 324 Second Paper Assignment: Labour Economics

Due date: November 30.
7 to 8 pages of text, plus any pertinent graphs, tables, or diagrams
Topic: I want you to conduct research on the policy implications of a labor economics issue or phenomenon of your choice for this project.
Minimum Salary
Equity in Pay, Equity in Employment, and Insurance
Welfare for Student Loans
Of course, you should explain the nature of the issue or phenomenon the policy pertains to, as well as why it is a matter of policy and how the policy is intended to help (or why economists believe it won’t). This could involve citing empirical research, such as estimates of job losses as a result of the minimum wage, for instance.
Additionally, depending on the topic you choose, you might want to consider what policies have been implemented in the past as well as any modifications that have been suggested or advocated for. You could wish to save space here by focusing on current arguments, depending on how much there is to it.
Once more, your text is a reliable resource for information on the subjects and other sources. Canadian Public Policy is one example of a resource that may be helpful. Several government websites, like Stats Can and Industry Canada, also include a wealth of information that may be of assistance.



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