edit hamlet paper add on 4 5 pg done tn 65

Hi, I recently hired a tutor to do this paper over break but shes about to pass due date, It is currently 9pm and i need a much better draft by 11:30pm, The tutor finished a draft concluding of 4 pages (must be 5). These are all the notes i gave her after receiving the draft (attached below) :

Okay, sorry for last minute changes, but is there anyway you could do last minute edits to be more specific on the theme of revenge, I can’t seem to find much specific evidence from articles, such as “Ophelia is the girlfriend to Prince Hamlet and they were deeply in love but never got married (Knewstubb and Carol 184).” which is not specific at all. Plus you stretched the paper immensely to reach 5 pages
1 day ago
doneseen1 day ago
Due date is 11/27 at 11:59 Central time. Like maybe talk about how Hamlets revenge affects everyone in the play, the thesis I think needs to be more specific if possible. Thanks
1 day ago
doneseen1 day ago
I didn’t change much, but combined the paragraphs and changed the thesis, but it would be very helpful if you could connect all of these paragraphs better through the theme of revenge and hamlet, you talked about each separate character and implemented revenge, but proffessor said that’s a tad too broad, so to keep writing and to put it all together he said to write about how hamlets act of revenge affects all of these characters
I have also posted the initial instructions
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