Education Theories

Article: Wallace, D. (2018) ‘Cultural capital as whiteness? Examining logics of ethno-racial representation and resistance’, British Journal of Sociology of Education, 39:4, 466-482. Question: Why might this be regarded as a sociology of education study? In this assignment we are particularly looking for you to: 1. Provide a short overview of your chosen article (i.e. tell us what it is about). This will need to be a concise summary which just picks up the key arguments presented in the article (e.g. what was the focus of the article, how was the work undertaken/what did the research entail and who was it with, what were the key findings, conclusions and suggested implications?). 2. Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of a philosophical, psychological, or sociological approach to education. This means that you will need to include a short section where you discuss what a philosophical/psychological/sociological approach to education might look like (e.g. what sorts of questions are academics working with these approaches interested in? How do they tend to view the world of education? Whose work has been influential in this area of study? How might this approach differ from others taken up in education studies?). The prezi resources will particularly help you to begin to prepare to answer this part of the assignment, but you will also find a variety of readings on each of these approaches on the extended reading list. 3. Look for evidence of these approaches (philosophy, psychology or sociology) in the article which you have selected and discuss these in some detail in your essay. This should be the longest section of your assignment (i.e. the section which you devote most words to).

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