eek 3 Assignment: Part One: Identifying Values in Marketing Strategies

Part One: Using the various values you learned about in the Spiral Dynamics lecture, choose two marketing strategies that you are aware of or have been instructed to consider by a senior practitioner or colleague in the business industry – one should be something you feel you will implement in your practice, and one should be something you feel uncomfortable or would not be implementing in your practice.

—For each strategy, 1) write a paragraph that speaks to the potential benefits and 2) a paragraph that speaks to the potential drawbacks of implementing this marketing strategies. No matter how perfect a strategy might seem to you, the rule of Yin and Yang reminds us that there are always drawbacks to any strategy! So be sure to channel your Gall Bladder’s ability to see all potential sides of the story in order to complete this assignment.

—For each strategy, 3) identify the values that underlie each strategy. You may refer to specific “memes” referenced in the lecture, or you may simply note a potential value or belief system that would inspire a business person to adopt that strategy.

For each strategy, answer: 4) would you or would you not adopt that strategy? 5) Why or why not?

For an example of this assignment, refer to the final slide of this week’s lecture.

After submitting your complete assignment in this portal, 6) copy and paste your preferred strategy and evaluation of its inherent values to the Week Three Part Two Discussion Board Assignment to begin the next part of the assignment.

this the source for this assignment

Week 3 Resources

Required Resources

1. Watch: Identifying Values in Health Care Clinic Marketing by Tracy Soltesz

“Values” has become a “dirty” word in our culture because many people have experienced unfair and inappropriate judgement in the guise of “values”. But at it’s core, your value set is nothing more than the filter through which you see the world – the “story” you create about the life events that occur around you and the life lessons you consciously or unconsciously decide that those stories make.

We all have a story. We all have values. It’s not possible to leave your values outside the treatment room or clinic door because wherever you go, there they are. However, it is possible to gain an “outside observer” viewpoint of our values. Gaining consciousness around those unconscious stories and assumptions we each have allows us to have a more useful, non-judgemental relationship with those assumptions.

In Five Element Chinese Medicine, we use one particular manner of diagnosing a patient’s “filter” or value set on their world. Using diagnostic skills, we determine a patient’s Constitutional Element – the elemental lens through which they observe and live in relationship with the world. Diagnosing a patient’s element allows you to craft the most effective treatment plan that brings the patient more into being in their own life. It’s not a judgement; it’s a discernment that allows you to serve your patient.

In this lecture, we will review another sociological paradigm – Spiral Dynamics – through which to evaluate and discern your own values and filters and those of your potential patients. Just as you can use the five element constitutional diagnosis to craft the most appropriate treatment plan, so too can you use this paradigm to shape your ideal practice. By learning about the unconscious assumptions you and your potential patients have about the world, you gain clarity around who your ideal target market of patients truly is and how to craft marketing strategies that resonate with your own values and attracts the perfect patient.

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