Effective Leadership Practices Project

Paul Polman – He is the leadership person I’m writing about.


The introduction is to be two (2) pages in length. Write on the following:

  • Provide a background, including the context of the leader’s environment and the culture of the organization and society.
  • Explain why you chose your selected leader.
Main section of the paper
  • What is your chosen leader’s definition of leadership?
  • How does your chosen leader model the way?
  • How does your chosen leader inspire a shared vision?
  • How does your chosen leader challenge the process?
  • How does your chosen leader enable others to act?
  • How does your chosen leader encourage the heart?
  • What challenges and opportunities does your chosen leader face?

Write a conclusion to complete your paper.


Include a minimum of two sources other than your textbook. Ensure that at least one of your sources is the Wall Street Journal; this might include research about leadership practices that align with your chosen leader’s perspective.

Additional Requirements

  • Your paper should be a minimum of five pages in length.
  • Format your paper according to current APA style and formatting guidelines, including proper citations.

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