Effectiveness of Employees Benefit Program on Big IT Companies Essay

Hi DoctorChristine,

We have worked together before on the TQM research paper which was a very successful one, thanks to your amazing effort.

Now as I have told you before (if you remember) we have a similar research paper.

The topic of the research paper is “Effectiveness of Employees Benefit Program on Big IT Companies in Saudi Market”

In the attached document, you will find:

1- The requirements needed for the paper.

2- Our presentation for the research project which is a summary of the paper, it include:

relevance of the study, background, problem statement and our hypothesis which what we are going to study and use in our paper.

3- Useful resources, an example of a previous similar research and a research paper on similar topic which could be helpful.

4- We have an access to SDL, which is a digital Library that would help us in having an access to a very huge online library. (for example EBSCO) https://sdl.edu.sa/SDLPortal/en/Publishers.aspx

Finally, we delivering the project on mutiple phases, the next and very important phase is the Literature Review which need to be submitted within one week, the final paper will be submitted after a month.

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