Effectiveness Of Reward System And Appraisals System In Increasing The Retention And Productivity Of Employees In Retail Sector.

A) Please write a Research Project(Thesis) using the below topic:

Research Topic: Effectiveness of Reward System and Appraisals System in increasing the Retention and Productivity of employees in Retail Sector.

B)The Research Project(Thesis) should be broken down in the following chapters:

1:Introduction – Chapter 1

2:Literature Review – Chapter 2

3:Process of Research & Questionnaire – Chapter 3

4:Presentation of Findings –Chapter 4

5:Conclusion and Recommendations – Chapter 5

C) Other instructions

1-Use MS Word(12 Times New Roman script)

2-12,000 word limit

3-The assignment should not contain any contents including references cited from websites like www.ukessays.com,www.studymode.com,www.slideshare.net,www.scribd.com

4-You can refer Wikipedia as a source of information, but the references cited in Wikipedia has to be mentioned


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