Effects of stress on memory and concentratoin

Community & Public Health Project You will be assigned a specific county in New Jersey (or possibly out-of-state). You will review various “health indicators” associated with the county (including mortality rates, injury rates, morbidity, infant birth rates, etc.). You will select one specific disease or problem associated with the county Community Health Project Part 1 1) Review the disease or problem. Provide a detailed explanation/description of the disease or problem. Explain the consequences of the disease or problem to the individual, family, and community. Do the demographics of the county contribute to the problem? 2) Review the possible underlying causes of the problem (be very specific). Review congenital, familial, medical, lifestyle habits, environment, and socioeconomic factors that contribute to the problem. 3) What is currently being done to prevent the problem? What else could be done to reduce the problem? 4) You must follow the assignments rules, it must be about 1000 words (5 -6 pages), and include at least 5 references in APA reference format. Community Health Project Part 2 You are also required to prepare a multimedia presentation of your findings (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.), which you will present to the class toward the end of the semester. You can use short videos and learning games. You should also prepare a factsheet to handout to the class. Your presentation should be about 5-10 minutes plus at least 5 minutes of questions/discussion. The following should be uploaded to Blackboard (due prior to presentation) 1) Submit outline of your presentation including references in APA style. 2) Submit your slide program 3) Upload any handouts 4) Upload your multimedia presentations (if possible)

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