Egyptian Culture

Egyptian Culture

Purpose:  The purpose of this assignment is to introduce the concept of culturally sensitive competent nursing care.

Goal:  Identify factors that shape, influence, and direct client perceptions as evidenced by implementation of the nursing process with supportive rationale.

Course Objective: The student will discuss what is meant by the concept of cultural sensitivity with a specific patient population.


    1. Perform a literature search for a total of two sources, at minimum, with distribution as follows; 1 source from a professional journal (i.e. nursing/medical/professional journals), the other source can include an official website that has articles/guidelines/organization policies (i.e., .gov, .org), news sources, or a text book may be used. Wikipedia, or file sharing sources are prohibited.


  1. Turn in a typed formatted. Use professional tone, grammar, and body language APA 6th ed.
  • Briefly identify heritage, physical attributes, average age of the majority of population, Consider the family roles and organization in the care of the patient/family dynamic and any culture implication towards age, gender, and general family structure.
  • Spirituality: Illustrate social structure and implication for the general spiritual needs or religious afflictions of the selected population and define belief system.
  • Nutrition: Describe primary social implication of this population if any socioeconomic disparity exists and any primary dietary distinctions or needs identified.
  • Provide supportive evidence, and culture specific behaviors towards health care practitioners, as well as any physical, cognitive, and emotional influence considerations in planning and directing care for this type of client.
  • Describe the communication language, style and methods employed.
  • Define at least two modifiable risk factors either unique to this population and why.
  • Correctly identify at least two health seeking behaviors of this population (health promotion practices).

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