Embry Riddle Aeronautical Team Participation and Evaluation Essay

Write up an assessment (minimum two double-spaced pages) of your participation, and that of your teammates, on the persuasive proposal team project. You must respond to the prompts below with specific details from your experience in working with your team, both in and out of class. Be honest, fair, and objective. Your essay content should clearly reflect your understanding of the elements (using communication terminology) that affect team interaction and success.

  1. Overall effectiveness in completing this assignment: Comment on your feelings about the effectiveness of the team approach, for you and your teammates; how well you worked together to complete the assignment; the specific factors that contributed to your success; and any factors that hindered your progress.
  1. Communication roles you and your teammates fulfilled while working on your project: Use specific communication terms (check your textbook) to identify by name any task, social/maintenance, and/or dysfunctional roles that were filled (Ch. 9, p. 278-279). Explain any notable roles that were filled, as well as any role-related problems, if any,that occurred.
  1. Leadership and decision-making: Identify your team leader and how he or she became the leader, and comment on any leadership problems, if any, that occurred. Assess the effectiveness of your leadership. Identify the decision-making method(s) you used on your team. Be specific about the type(s) of methods, as explained in Ch. 9, (p. 280-288).
  1. Cohesion (Ch 10, p. 315-317): In specific communication terms, discuss the factors that contributed to cohesion on your team, as well as any factors that may have interfered with cohesion.
  1. Evaluation: First, in a pie chart, with segments clearly distinguished from each other and labeled by name, indicate how much of the contribution (effort) you and your teammates—by name—made to the team project. Second, in a chart or listing format, assess your and your teammates’ performance for the following: preparation, participation, overall effectiveness, performance during the presentation, overall team grade, and—by name—individual grade (6 elements). Only I will see the evaluation data.

I will upload my friend essay as an example, for you to see what the professor expects. my team is different from his team.

My group team includes me , Maher , Jessica , Mia and Sean. all of us had different roles. My role was the conclusion, Maher was the introduction, Mia did the visualisation, Jessica did the mental health and parkings, sean did the expenses and the housing space. our main communication was through snapchat group chat. write about us meeting in the student union for preparation. and about the leader roles mainly no one acted as a leader but ill say sean did that part. and the rest u could make it up.

this is not a summary about what we did, read the example to get an idea about what i want.

I will upload our speech planning document so u could have an idea about what we did.

dont worry about the chart i will be doing that

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