Emergency Management

Paragraph 1 How do we plan for the next time a hurricane hits New York City? Do you think since the storm has come and gone that city is now better prepared for the inevitable to happen again? Climate experts say that sea levels in the region have not only increased but will likely get higher as time goes by, so the question is: Which is the right path forward for the City of New York? Does the city continue to build sturdier and higher sea walls? Or do you just accept the consequences of flooding and implement smarter methods to make the local infrastructure more elastic and easier to recover?
Paragraph 2
(“The Power of Resilience” By Yossi Sheffi)
In this week’s chapter the author speaks about the Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) and how they saw the value in helping their employees after the hurricane struck. Please provide an example(s) of another company that has helped their employees significantly when there was a disruption of service in their community. Try to take examples from the book to compare things that could have been done better or are similar to what you read. 


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