Management of emergencies in Paper 10

Being quick to act in an emergency is essential, even for the most well-prepared businesses. There are a wide range of potential emergency scenarios. Since preparedness can take many forms, reacting to a medical emergency differs from reacting to a natural disaster.
You will be in charge of the company incident response plan (ERP), which is intended to document the level of readiness in the event of any incident.
Why should an emergency management team (EMT), an emergency control centre (ECC), and an incident command centre (ICC) be established?
How does your business choose the kind of emergencies for which to prepare? Does the decision-making process consider risk mitigation? In the end, what effect do likelihood and criticality have on your overall emergency plan?
The book Contemporary Security Management, Third Edition, was published on November 22, 2010, edition 3 of Butterworth-Heinemann.

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