Emmanuel College Information Systems and Logistics Essay Questions

Application Essay questions:

1.Uber—we discussed in class how a tech company like Uber would like to enter the transportation space. Why would a tech company like Uber want to be involved with an aging U.S. infrastructure, and transit? Why does Uber even care? Are we seeing the downfall of Uber or is there something else happening? Some have argued that Uber has lost focus on its core strengths –moving people at an adorable price? Please explain your answer

2.In the FedEx/UPS video we saw and discussed how ‘smart data’ is changing how things are managed and shipped? Please provide one real of how this is being implemented.

3.Smart City—Miami is changing in population and density which is creating more congestion –provide a few examples of technologies that are being implemented. (Hint: Smart lighting)

4.What is the connection with smart mobility and IoT devices –are they connected or two separate issues? Please explain either/or and provide an example.

5.Smart Transportation—what makes a smart city smart? We discussed several technologies—please provide an example of a technology and how it’s making the city/community better? Or possibly worse?

6.Amazon has and continues to revolutionize the IoT economy—a big differentiator is how your personal data is being managed, utilized and at times being hacked. Is this fundamentally an unlawful way of doing business or is this the new normal within today’s e-commerce environment? In other words, once you click the consent/agree button its out of our hands? Please elaborate on your answer.

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