Employability In Action Assessment brief

Layout/Presentation: Aerial font with a double space between the sentences and paragraphs.
Module Title: Employability In Action
Assessment Title: in two parts Graduate Skills- Map & Reflection Graduate Action Plan
Assessment Number (if relevant): 2
Assessment Type: Individual written
Restrictions on Time/Length : +/- 10% 1,200 words + 10%
Individual/Group: Individual
Mode of Submission: Moodle

Word count and grading:
1,000 words +/- 10%
Presentation 20%
Structure/Layout 20%
Reflective content 60%

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The assessment cover sheet must be completed and attached to your assessment
Content: The assessment is broken into two distinct parts:
You will reflect on the following headings:
? The Branding exercise
? Group presentations (The Art of conversation is dead?)

The reflection MUST cover the following:

? Your preparation
? Your participation (deliverer of the talks)
? How did you feel during the public speaking? What did you learn about yourself? What needs to change so you become an effective public speaker?
? Your role within the group
? The feedback from the audience

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