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Unit 6 – Assignment
Briefly answer the following questions on or before Sunday 11:59 pm:

Most employee benefits we receive from our employers are provided “tax free.” Why?
What percent of Total Compensation does the average employer pay for benefit plans? What percent of payroll does your employer pays for your benefits?
Explain the difference between a defined benefit retirement plan and a defined contribution plan. Do you participate in either or both of these plans with your employer? Explain.
What kind of health care plan do you participate in? How much is your monthly premium? How much does your employer pay monthly?
Has your employer taken any action to help employees have a greater appreciation for their Employee Benefits? If yes, what specifically has been done?
Has your employer taken any action to help and encourage you to be a better health care consumer? If yes, what specifically have they done?

If you are not currently working, please answer questions 1 through 3 above and the following:

What are the most common benefits that organizations provide?
What are 2 or 3 of the trending benefits that were not common a few years ago?

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