Employee Motivation in a millennial focused workforce

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Hello, please Read about the requirements and format of the Applied HR Management Capstone Project. You will complete the Capstone Project Proposal following the instructions below.

CAPSTONE topic: Employee Motivation in a millennial focused workforce


  1. Review the Applied HR Management Capstone Outline.docx file to familiarize yourself with the required sections and the format of the Capstone Project. As you go through the different sections of the project, think of an organization, industry, or topic that you will pursue.
  2. Review the ‘Introduction’ section of the Applied HR Management Capstone Project as found in the Applied HR Management Capstone Outline. The ‘Introduction’ section is where you will present important background information of your selected organization or industry, including its history, products and services, structure, competitors, and other pertinent facts.
  3. Complete the Capstone Project Proposal Template.docx. For this assignment, use single line spacing. Submit by the fourth day of this workshop in order to give your instructor an opportunity to approve your topic and offer feedback.
  4. Before submitting the assignment, thoroughly edit the paper. Checkmark the instructions and the rubric for this workshop document to be sure your paper has met all requirements.


In 100-200 words for each of the first three questions listed below. Explain the problem, challenge, opportunity, or issue you will investigate for your HR Capstone Project. Then, for the fourth question, briefly outline several sources you expect to use to research and collect relevant information.

  • What is the problem, challenge, opportunity, or issue facing the organization or industry that you would like to research and address?
  • Why is it a management concern?
  • What is the intended outcome? (A solution to a problem? Address of an HR issue. Revised HR policies? An opportunity for a new HR program? Etc.)
  • Identify resources you expect to use for your research? (This is preliminary, of course.)
    • Peer-reviewed articles (identify at least 5 sources).
  • Personal Interviews (identify at least 2 sources). Include person’s name, title, company, etc.
  • Applicable MS-HRM courses: Identify a minimum of 4 HRM course-specific sources that address particularly applicable laws, theories, policies, practices, and/or concepts that help to identify, describe, explain and/or support your selected research topic.
  • Internet (identify at least 5 scholarly sources).
  • Continue listing other types of potential sources of data (identify a minimum of 3 other sources).


When Millennials Take Over: Preparing for the Ridiculously Optimistic Future of Business by Jamie Notter, Maddie Grant

http://iveybusinessjournal.com/publication/the-mil… The Millennials: A new generation of employees, a new set of engagement policies by: Jay Gilbert

Millennials in the workforce: What they want, and how to manage them By Michael Zimmerman http://www.smartceo.com/zimmerman-millennials-in-t…

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