EMS 4306, EMS Roles During Emergencies and Disasters 6

2-4 paragraphs

AB Investigative Services (ABIS) has been contacted by a prominent state law enforcement agency concerning the need to discuss, in a high-level meeting, evidence processing procedures as they relate to the First and Fourth Amendments, constraining computer investigations, and governing the seizures of computers and other technology. After repeated violations of both the First and Fourth Amendments during investigations, a training meeting for the 25 forensic investigative personnel will need to be conducted with the assistance of ABIS.

ABIS will need to distinguish how the First and Fourth Amendments relate to computer investigations, search warrants, and seizures of computers and other technology in the discussion. It will also discuss several key amendment aspects, which must be known by investigators to execute a successful training discussion.

reference any findings.

Unit VIII Research Paper


Public Health


In Unit IV(Attached), you were tasked with selecting a topic for the subject of this research paper. For this unit, you should complete the research paper by addressing the four main points as outlined in Unit IV. (Attached)


Focus points of the research paper:


 public health planning for the emergency,  EMS response for the emergency (identify any legal, political, and regulatory responsibilities for EMS during the response),  community response to the emergency, and  community recovery from the emergency.

EMS 4306, EMS Roles During Emergencies and Disasters 6

Your research paper should include the following components:

 title page,  four points of research in written paper form, including an introduction and conclusion (four page minimum), and  reference page (one page).


Although required, the title and reference page do not count toward your final page total. You must create a minimum of four new pages of content. Your research paper must have at least five relevant and credible sources. Your textbook is NOT required for this assignment, although you may choose to use it when discussing concepts that apply to your topic. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted materials must have accompanying citations in accordance with APA standards.

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