Energy efficiency

I need help with the introduction abstract(summarizes the content of the report) and conclusion. I will provide you the sources and explaining how I need to write in each part.
The body part is about:
Energy efficiency
1.1 Computer energy savings program
1.2 Light bulbs with people´s detector
1.3 Holidays Conservation
1.4 Vending misers
1.5 Wind energy
1.6 Solar energy
1.7 Daylighting
1.8 White buildings´ roof
1.9 Go digital
2 Transportation
2.1 Give Free bicycle
2.2 Carpool programs
2.3 Public Transfer system
3 Waste minimization
3.1 Recycling
3.2 Purchase Reusable To-Go Cafeteria Containers
3.3 Stop Using disposable items
4 Education
4.1 Awareness
4.2 Embrace a minimalist lifestyle
4.3 Using of air conditioner
4.4 Buy second-hand, local, and re-sell objects

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