Energy Spectrum of Exercise

Many fitness and exercise professionals utilize the energy spectrum of exercise to help them design training and exercise regimens. This spectrum is based on the body?s energy systems and their contributions to the ability to perform certain activities for certain periods of time. Choose one of the following sports:
Cross country skiing
For this assignment, address the following:
Identify the different energy systems in the body that contribute to the performance of the activities involved in that sport.
Discuss the efficiency of each energy system across the spectrum as well as which energy system utilizes the most energy in the performance of the sport.
Evaluate the potential drawbacks to utilizing the energy spectrum in the formulation of training regimens for the sport chosen.
Your paper should be no more than five pages in length, excluding title and reference pages. You should use at least four additional scholarly sources in addition to the textbook. Format your paper and all citations according to APA style guidelines as outlined

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