ENG122 English Composition

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Post Your Introduction and Brainstorming Session

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Review the discussion grading criteria and read Knickerbocker’s short essay, Building a Community Through Writing.


After reading Knickerbocker’s essay once or twice (or three times!), reflect upon its message. Think about your own community, whether that is the place where you live, your social environment, a collection of people with shared interests, or something else.


Share your response to Knickerbocker’s essay. Then, introduce us to your unique community by describing the landscapes, whether they are physical, emotional, or social. What is your place in this community? What are the challenges and rewards of being a part of your community? You are invited to share relevant audio, video, or images in your introduction.

Remember to cite the source in APA style. (See Citing Within Your Paper (Links to an external site.).) For example:

Knickerbocker (2004) had come from the Hudson Valley area of New York but had trouble writing about West Texas, which he called a “suburban landscape of dead lawns and vacant storefronts” (para. 2).

In his essay, Knickerbocker (2004) described the way he perceived writing as community-building.

End your post with a proper reference citation in APA style, too. (See Formatting Your Reference List (Links to an external site.)):

Knickerbocker, C. (2004). Building a community through writing. The Writer, 117(10), 24. Retrieved from https://www.writermag.com/

Note: Double-spacing and hanging indent are not required in discussions due to formatting limitations in the discussion forum.

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